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Printing Press v. Internet

Ashley Dethlefsen

October 30, 2009

Art 85


Throughout history, people have experienced change of technology and how it impacted the world. Between both the printing press and the Internet they were both huge impacts to the work. Being that they were both brought up in two different time periods one had a greater impact then the other but also changed the way we read, learn, write, educate oneself, and look up information. The printing press was more for the written word and how things are placed and how books are made for learning and education purposes. The Internet became the means of communication, and getting information as quick as a couple seconds with just a click of a button. The printing press and the Internet are part of the organic growth of our civilizations but which really did have more of an impact in society?

The printing press had great impact and allowed material to be shown to many people and for information to be more ready available. Prior to the printing press, books and information were all handwritten and taken a lot of time and dedication into the work. Because each piece of material had to be handwritten it was not only time consuming but expensive to be completed. During the 13th century, the printing press started by “block printing.” Block printing is “characters or pictures carved into a wooden block, inked, and then transferred to paper.” (History Guide) This type of printing was also time-consuming and expensive.  Because handwritten texts were scarce, it was easy for information to be false without being checked. Johannes Gutenburg was the first man to invent movable type by the 15th century. “Gutenburg devised an alloy of lead, tin and antinomy that would melt at low temperature, cast well in the die, and be durable in the press (History Guide).” His invention made it possible to mass produce books and increase the amount of communication worldwide. His first mass production was God’s Holy word, The Bible, in 1940. His invention made printing cheaper and also language ready, meaning it could be printed in more than one language. Spelling and false information was easier to be seen and found with the printing press since it was one plate making all the plates then when it was handwritten.

Because of the printing press allowed the spread of ideas, the Internet sparked a new way of communication and way of processed information around the world.  The Internet was the invention of fast communication and making ready available information in just seconds. Information can be found right away with just a click of a button. This makes video communication, instant messaging, and emailing to happen at your fingertips at a quick speed.  “The Internet has brought us so much information and not only to the social and business elite, but to the entire world (ISOC).”

The Internet has many different information that can help you in many different ways. Such as online shopping which allows yourself to shop for anything and get shipped to you in a couple of days in just minutes without leaving your house, driving to the destination, waiting on line and purchasing the item. It has allowed you to search for the best products that are out on the market at the lowest price. The Internet has also let you look up cooking instructions, medical questions, research, trips, and much more. Because of online communication it’s easy to chat to someone across the country with a simple connection from the Internet.

When it comes to which one has a great impact I am going to have to say Internet. The information is ready available at high speed and can obtain any kind of material within seconds. The printing press has had a great impact giving information out for readers to read but at the same time everything from the printing press is located online over the Internet.  Because of how fast technology move the Internet is still coming out with more to help change the world.

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  1. Ashley,

    Good job. One point you might want to make however is that many colleges and academic journals and texts are now posting everything to the Internet. So now everything is available as you said but also quickly searchable. Now this is good and bad. You need to read around the searched content to put it into context. So your study habits have to change and adapt. Overall very good job. Now please customize this blog with your designs and please be sure to visit other Art 85 students blogs and comment. That is going to be your class participation grade. Good job overall.


  2. I agree that because of its speed and accessibility the internet has had a greater impact. Well written.

  3. I agree, they both had huge impacts, but there is no doubt that the internet surpassed the printing press.

  4. I completely agree that the internet had a greater impact. While the printing press had an enormous impact for its time period, the Internet’s impact was equally as strong, and isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The possibilities of the Internet are endless, but the printing press already outlived its effect. You made good points, I agree with you throughout the whole paper.

  5. Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information specifically the closing section 🙂 I care for such info much. I used to be seeking this certain information for a very lengthy time. Thank you and good luck.


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